If You Run a Restaurant in New Orleans, You’ll Want to Hear This…

This app is changing the landscape of marketing and promotion for bars and restaurants

The Happy Hour App

If you live in NOLA and aren’t on Drinker’s Edition yet, you’re missing out on a lot of great food and drink deals. If you live in NOLA and work in a bar or restaurant, and aren’t taking advantage of Drinker’s Edition as a marketing tool, you’re missing out big time!

This humble app landed on the app store fall of last year, with coverage of New Orleans, and now also lists happy hours in Baton Rouge. It lists every single happy hour, weekly special, and bottomless mimosa deal imaginable, and is used by about four thousand people on a monthly basis.

Your bar or restaurant may already have their happy hour listed with Drinker’s Edition, which means the app may already be sending you customers.

Run Your Dream Promotion

With Drinker’s Edition’s current format, the options are unlimited, and the risk is relatively low. They are helping places move stock that needs to be cycled through, they are running “flash deals” that send dozens of customers to the partnering bar in a single night.

They are promoting businesses through an email list and their formidable social media channels, and working to get people going to happy hour. Right now they have access to a streamlined funnel of local customers, and all they need are bars and restaurants that want to reap those rewards with them.

Why Work This App Instead of Instagram or Yelp?

Working with Facebook, Instagram Google, Yelp, and all the others has become inevitable. But where does your ad money go when you advertise with them? These are giant multinational companies, hundreds of employees, and huge costs evreywhere.

Right now, Drinker’s Edition is only in NOLA and BR. They are a small startup, three co-founders and no other employees. Their overhead is miniscule compared to that of Yelp or Facebook.

This means that with them, each dollar goes a little bit further. They can put you front and center with their users for a fraction of what it takes to cut through the noise with a yelp ad.

As a manager of a restaurant, my least favorite thing about Yelp is the reviews. They help people find my address, phone number, and site. That’s useful. What I don’t are false 1 star reviews on my profile. Drinker’s Edition does not show public reviews, only contact info and happy hour details. Just one more reason to work with them.

It’s All About Happy Hour

Drinker’s Edition is hyper-focused on happy hour. They won’t list your bar or restaurant if you don’t have one. The co-founders love happy hours, and their users go to the app for the scoop on the best ones.

If you don’t have a happy hour or some sort of weekly recurring special, you wont get listed on the app for free. While having a happy hour has its own benefits(our article on it), here in NOLA, the benefits are compounded by the presence of Drinker’s Edition. Happy hours are already all about getting a competitive edge on the other places in your neighborhood. With Drinker’s Edition, they are all in one place, so your potential customers can more easily compare before they go. It means that gimmicks and vague descriptions are out. Find some products that you can push out in bulk, put your best foot forward, and appreciate that when Drinker’s Edition sends you a customer, they know what they want. Their user base is less price sensitive than you would think, and leans more towards “Champagne tastes on a Miller Lite budget” than “I want to get wasted for $5”. I hear they are good tippers too!

Drop Them A Line

Drinker’s Edition is providing great solutions to start getting your bar’s marketing back on track, and it’s super easy to get in touch with them.

Full Disclosure: The Owner and Operator of Enclave Media is also a Co-founder of Drinker’s Edition