Conversations are in

If you’re like me, you help run a bar or restaurant, and focus on how to get more people through the door. The food is good, the drinks are good, why aren’t we the busiest place in the neighborhood?

The answer to this question is often more complex than we imagine, and many a manager has pondered where their regular crowd went, or why they never established one in the first place.

I assure you, this is not your fault. The fact that you’re reading this means you are doing something to combat the problem. For such complex issues, their are seldom simple answers. Conversation marketing is the simplest maxim iI have found for developing winning marketing strategies for businesses.

Say Hello

None of these concepts are simple, but i have always found the easiest to wrap my head around is conversation. It makes sense because it starts from a very familiar place for anyone who has ever had to run a front-of-house : Customer Service.

Conversation is the basic principle of engaging one to one with customers. We already do this to solve day-to-day issues like meat temperature, dietary restrictions, and cocktail preferences.

This is not a new skill set, but it is underutilized in most restaurant contexts. You don’t need to be in person to have a conversation, and more and more people every year become comfortable with chatting with a brand online. It can start with a facebook comment, email, or phone call, and it ends with more repeat business, better reputation online, and yes, more money flowing into your business.

Let’s Converse

If your business isn’t conversing online, you should be. But the internet has different rules and conventions than what we’re all used to in the dining room. Enclave Media can guide your conversational marketing efforts so that they fit with your business’s overall vibe. Lets get working smarter to get more people through your door. Drop us a line here.