Mike Hogan

Account Manager, Writer, Promoter

Social Media, Talent Booking, Blogging, Promotion

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Mike is a Loyola grad living in New Orleans, and is well versed in various forms of promotion including but not limited to copywriting, social media, and blogging. At Loyola, Mike was editor in chief of two online publications, positions that included not just editing the work of writers, but overseeing all aspects of production, including marketing the brand. With experience at the New Orleans Film Society and New Orleans publishing company River Road Press, Mike is comfortable taking a leadership position and getting the word out. When he’s not writing, editing, podcasting, or selling your brand, Mike can be found reading, doing yoga, or taking his dog Zeus for a walk around Uptown NOLA.

Email: Hogan_mike@comcast.net

@trulymikehogan On Twitter