Our Clients

Enclave’s services are beneficial to small businesses, teachers, artists, and non-profits. Our clients have experienced competitively priced concierge service for their social media, web/graphic design, online advertising, and promotional needs.


As a growing business, Enclave understands the digital marketing needs of small, mom-and-pop businesses. While our central area of expertise is in promoting bars and restaurants, we are open to working with any type of business that needs our assistance.



This trendy eatery offers fine-dining flavor in a casual and family-friendly environment. Located in uptown New Orleans, Wayfare serves unique and delicious appetizers, entrées, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. With a full bar, distinctive wine list, and 30 beers on tap, it’s easy to have a great time at brunch, lunch, happy hour or dinner.


 Arnona Rose, LLC 

The attorneys at Arnona Rose call themselves “a small firm with a big mission”. Providing legal aid for criminal, family, and personal injury law, they offer personal one-on-one service to their clients. Started by a former New Orleans public defender, and former personal injury lawyer, Arnona Rose is there when you need it most.


 Euphorbia Kava Bar

euphorbiaLocated in the historic Riverbend neighborhood in Uptown New Orleans, Euphorbia is the Crescent city’s first and foremost Kava bar. Offering Kava infused drinks, raw food, and live music, this unique spot draws a distinctive local crowd.


French Habits

provence-pouchHeadquartered in New Hope, Pennsylvania, French Habits sells imported Provence decor items. Specializing in tablecloths, they also sell Sabre flatware, coin purses, kitchen utensils and more.


The Pink Monkey Magazine

pinkmonkeyMore of an affiliate than a client, this new magazine brings art, literature, and absurdity to its quarterly subscribers. Enclave Media did some work with them to crowdfund and promote subscription and submissions to the magazine.


Astor Deli

This family owned deli in Yonkers, New York provides its local clientele with breakfast and lunch 6 days a week. With a friendly atmosphere and great selection of sandwiches and entrees, Astor deli is truly a Yonkers treasure.



Enclave Media is committed to giving musicians, visual artists, and other skilled creatives a more comprehensive online presence, as well as logistical support and booking.

 The Zeke Sky Band

The Zeke Sky Band is a classic rock cover band which also performs original songs by lead guitarist and founder, Zeke Sky. With skilled vocalists and multi-instrumentalists at his side, Zeke Sky and his band put on a powerful rock show bursting with talent. Enclave Media works with the band to provide online promotion, social media coordination, and booking.


The Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Lonely Hearts Club band is an instrumental beatles cover band also led by guitarist Zeke Sky. Their covers of beloved beatles songs are heavier and more jam-oriented than the original albums. Sure to mak


Candid Artanis

candidCandid Artanis is an up-and-coming parody artist. He writes political satire spoofs of famous swing jazz songs. His latest song about Donald Trump is featured in Enclave Media’s video, or check out his political commentary on twitter.


Playwright Jack Heifner

heifner_jack-636x1024Jack Heifner is best known for his play Vanities, which ran for five years in New York and became one of the longest-running plays in off-Broadway history. He is also the author of Patio/Porch, Natural Disasters,Running on Empty, Bargains, Boys’ Play, Home Fires, Heartbreak,Comfort and Joy, The Lemon Cookie, Dwarf Tossing and over thirty other plays produced in New York, Los Angeles and theaters around the world.



Bravo! From Page to Stage

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-12-43-27-pmThis ESL program uses acting out plays to learn more fluent conversational English. They presented their technique to TESOL conference in Rome in 2015.


Radu J. Bogdan

cropped-bogdan_2Enclave also created and manages the homepage of professor Radu J. Bogdan, who teaches philosophy and cognitive studies at Tulane University. He has written books and published articles. Information on the books and pdfs of many of his articles are available on the site.