Enclave (noun):

“A place or group that is different in character than those surrounding it.”

A Digital Marketing Agency as Unique as You Are

Enclave Media is a small business, just like you. We understand the needs of small food and beverage establishments, brick-and-mortar businesses, and recording artists alike. We use Strategic Trial Analytic Marketing (STAM) to hone in on promotional campaigns that have been proven to provide results.




This trendy eatery offers fine-dining flavor in a casual and family-friendly environment. Located in uptown New Orleans, Wayfare serves unique and delicious appetizers, entrées, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. With a full bar, distinctive wine list, and 30 beers on tap, it’s easy to have a great time at brunch, lunch, happy hour or dinner.

 Arnona Rose, LLC 

The attorneys at Arnona Rose call themselves “a small firm with a big mission”. Providing legal aid for criminal, family, and personal injury law, they offer personal one-on-one service to their clients. Started by a former New Orleans public defender, and former personal injury lawyer, Arnona Rose is there when you need it most.

 The Zeke Sky Band

The Zeke Sky Band is a up and coming heavy metal band, with a knack for catchy riffs, progressive interludes, and stellar guitar and vocal work. As founder, lead guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter, Zeke Sky is at the center of this powerful musical force.He and his band put on a powerful rock show bursting with talent. Enclave Media works with the band to provide online promotion, social media coordination, and booking.

Candid Artanis

candidCandid Artanis is an up-and-coming parody artist. He writes political satire spoofs of famous swing jazz songs. His latest song about Donald Trump is featured in Enclave Media’s video, or check out his political commentary on twitter.

We offer a variety of marketing services which can be paid for individually, or in a bundled STAM plan. Custom plans can be discussed with an Enclave Media representative. Call or click here to get in touch.