Enclave (noun):

“A place or group that is different in character than those surrounding it.”

A Digital Marketing Agency as Unique as You Are


Enclave’s structure allows us to provide effective digital marketing service to most small businesses, artists, educators, and community organizations, yet we specialize in the food and drink industry. All of our representatives  have service industry experience, and we are well equipped to handle the specific needs of restaurants and bars. We offer web design, social media, online advertising, consultation, and many other services tailored to the needs and the budget of our customers.

While our account managers visit customers’ businesses, lead campaigns, consult, and coordinate, Enclave relies on trusted freelancers and contractors for graphics, writing, web development, research, and analytics. This keeps our service streamlined, and lets our account managers devote their time to your goals.

As a small business, Enclave understands the needs of other small businesses. Our mission is to provide personalized and courteous service to our clients. Though we do have long distance plans available, we also work face-to-face with our clients in Louisiana and Pennsylvania.